1st step – Applying

1.) The fastest way to apply is by emailing us at with the full legal names/ cell phone numbers/ email addresses for All tenants, roommates and guarantors. Each individual must submit a separate application, supporting documents and pay the $18.00 fee per applicant which is NON-REFUNDABLE. The application may also be downloaded from our website or requested via email by PDF.

2.) Supporting Documentation: This is a full list of the required items which must be uploaded at the time of submission/ emailed to your Leasing Agent.

  • A) A valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, ID card or other US Government issued ID)*mandatory per applicant prior to application processing.
  • B) A copy of the most recent W2 form or tax return(1040).
  • C) A copy of your last two pay stubs.
  • D) A copy of your last two bank statements (must show name and account number).
  • E) A letter from your employer stating your salary, position and length of employment. This letter must be on company letterhead and signed by an officer of your company, which in most cases is either a direct supervisor, HR/ payroll person, or an owner of the company. (If you are self-employed, you must provide a letter and a phone number from your CPA stating annual earnings, position, and length of professional relationship. We require both verbal and written verifications of all employment references.)
  • F) A copy of your school registration, dated student ID or a bursar’s receipt if you are a student, or were a student last year. (If are currently a student or a recent graduate, tax return/ W2 may not be required).
  • G) A copy of your real estate tax, school tax, water/ sewer bill, copy deed, or mortgage statement if you are a homeowner. (Please note, we only require one of these documents, not all of them).

3) This pre-approval process can take approximately 2-4 business days after all completed applications, supporting documents and fees are received. However, if any applications or supporting documents are incomplete/ unclear or if you are missing more than 1 item per applicant, the pre-approval process may take longer. We reserve the right to verify all documents and references.

4.)     Please make sure to confirm the start date and expiration date of a new lease with a Leasing Agent upon application pre-approval and prior to your lease signing. For immediate move-ins, a new lease must start within 1-7 days from the lease signing.

2nd step – Signing a Lease

1.)  After your applications have been pre-approved, you should make an appointment to sign the lease ASAP. Due to the quick rental market, the only way to secure an apartment is to sign the lease and put down a minimum deposit of $1,000.00 if you are able to sign in person. If you are quick to act, leases can usually be signed within 2-3 business days. All payments for the lease signing deposits must be in the form of cash, wire, money order or certified bank check payable to "Ridgewood Capital NYC LLC".

2)     We accept several applications on an apartment until a lease is signed.  Our policy is that the first person to sign the lease is the person who will get the apartment, regardless who had their applications in first. This is up to the sole discretion of the Leasing Department.

3) At the lease signing we only accept "Good Money" such as certified check, bank check, postal check, money order, wire and/ or cash. For all other "Good Money" options, we will only accept maximum of (5) separate checks, no exceptions. After you become our tenant, we accept personal checks as rent payment. All payments for any fee including rent must always be payable to "Ridgewood Capital NYC LLC".

4)     The standard minimum move-in balance requirement on all new leases if the applicant(s) meet our financial and credit criteria is 1 month of rent in advance and 1 month of security deposit. Any pro-rated rent shall be calculated at the lease signing and shall be due the month directly following the 1 st full month of rent on a new lease term.

3rd step- Final Payments, Verifications & Completion

1) We must receive full money for the apartment within (2) business days of the lease signing, less the lease signing deposit if that was paid in person during the lease signing.

2)     We verify all the information on your application such as your employment and tenant history, so please make sure we have proper contact numbers on the day of your lease signing. We must receive all the required paperwork, contact phone numbers (with adequate time to verify), and full funds before you are given keys to your new apartment.


Email: or call: 212-391-8076
Yes. We do rent to students with Guarantor.
Yes. We do rent to non US citizen with Guarantor.
A Guarantor is someone who is currently living and working in the United States and agrees to be equally responsible for all of the rules, regulations, guidelines, and occupants of the lease for the entire term. A Guarantor does NOT guarantee only an individual Tenant on the lease but the terms of lease itself. If necessary, we require only 1 Guarantor, even if there are several Tenants and roommates. We may accept an alternate Guarantor or an additional one if the initial Guarantor does not qualify individually. In the event another Guarantor is needed, we accept a maximum of 2 Guarantors living and working in the United States with strong US credit history. We do not accept International Guarantors living and working outside of the United States. All required documents listed on the “Steps to the Application Process” list are expected to be submitted by all pre-approved Guarantors within 2 business days of the lease signing.
Relatives, employers, or associates who are living and working in the United States, financially sound, have good US credit, and should make an annual income equal to or above 80x the monthly rent of the apartment you are interested in applying for. (E.g. If an apartment is $2,000.00, a Guarantor must earn $160,000.00 or higher to qualify.) A Guarantor must also have a strong US credit history and a US social security number. We accept a maximum of 2 Guarantors and may combine their annual base salary incomes in order to reach the 80x the monthly rent requirement. We do not accept corporations, institutions, or businesses to serve as Guarantors. We accept 3rd party companies acting as Guarantors like Insurent or The Guarantors.
If Guarantor does not make the requirements then you do not qualify for an apartment.
Case-Case basis.
May take 2-4 business days upon completion of submitting all the required documents.
First qualified applicant who provides full rent, security deposit and completes lease signing will have the best opportunity to secure the apartment.
After approved schedule lease signing and prepare funds.
At the lease signing we ONLY accept “Immediately-Collectible Money” such as certified check, bank check, cashier’s check, postal check, money order, wire and/or cash. We accept a maximum of 5 separate certified/ bank/ postal checks or money orders, no exceptions. After you have moved in and have paid your entire new lease rent/ security deposit balance, personal checks are accepted, but NOT before.
The standard security deposit is 1 month of rent. All security deposits are held in an interest bearing account for the duration of the lease (and throughout all renewals of the lease). Provided that there is no damage to the apartment, the rent and any balances are paid in full, and the Tenant(s) has followed the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the lease for the entire term, the deposit will be refunded at the end of the term in accordance with the lease.
After lease signing, keys will be arranged and move-in will be scheduled.
Repainted depending upon need.

Property Address - 82-76 116th Street, Queens, NY 11418

Contact No - 212-704-4209

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